GEdit: The Missing Keyboard Shortcuts

I’ve love GEdit, it’s a great text editor, and having added a few plugins, a great IDE too.

GEdit has a few keyboard short cuts for working with the application. But there’s also a lot of great short cuts for working within the document. These, however, arn’t documented anywhere.

GEdit uses the GTKTextView widget to display and edit text, it’s for this that the short cuts are undocumented.

I’ve collected all the GTKTextView keyboard short cuts I know of here. I suspect that there are more (moving the cursor to the start and end of sentences for example) but I haven’t found them yet.

Also, as the GTKTextView widget is used throughout Gnome, you’ll find that these short cuts can be used all over the place (like in textareas on websites).

Navigation & Selection

These short cuts can be used to move the cursor around the document. Navigation shortcuts can be used with the Shift key to select text.

Ctrl+Right Move cursor forward by word
Ctrl+Left Move cursor backwards by word
Ctrl+Home Move cursor to start of document
Ctrl+End Move cursor to end of document
Ctrl+PageUp Move cursor to start of wrapped line
Ctrl+PageDn Move cursor to end of wrapped line


These short cuts can be used to delete sections of text.

Ctrl+Del Delete word ahead cursor
Ctrl+BkSpce Delete word behind cursor
Ctrl+Shift+Del Delete from cursor to end of line
Ctrl+Shift+BkSpce Delete from cursor to start of line
Ctrl+d Delete line