Samsung Galaxy S2 Tweaks

I love the Galaxy S2, It is a really well built piece of kit. There are, however, a few little annoyances with it, some of which can be fixed if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty.

Here’s what you need to do to get going.

  1. Root the phone (this is very easy). Follow the instructions on Lifehacker.
  2. Download ES File Explorer from the market
  3. Enable these settings
    • Settings > Root Explorer
    • Settings > Mount File System
    </ol> This will give you writeable access to the file system, now you can fix those annoyances.

    Disable the Start Up Sound

    1. Rename /etc/PowerOn.wav to /etc/PowerOn.wav.old

    Disable Camera Shutter Sound

    1. Create a text file /data/local.prop
    2. Add this line
    3. Restart your phone

    Disable Battery Full Sound

    1. Rename /system/media/audio/ui/LowBattery.ogg to /system/media/audio/ui/LowBattery.ogg.bak

    More Tips

    If you know of any other tweaks, let me know. I'll be keeping this list updated. There's also lots of power user features built in, so check them out too.