Quick and Dirty Server Monitoring

02 Jun 2016

There are a lot of optins out there for monitoring the health of your servers, some require more effort than others to setup and maintain. Here is an quick, easy approach to monitoring that uses only naitive Linux commands and good old reliable cron.

How to Fix Wifi Stuck "Obtaining IP Address"

01 Jun 2016

Android Marshmallow (6.0.1) has a common issue with unreliable WiFi connections. If you find that your phone gets stuck “Obtaining IP Address” here’s how to fix it.

How to Send Messages Between Service Workers and Clients

29 Jan 2016

Service Workers are background processes for web pages. Most of the current excitement around Service Workers is about providing offline web apps, as the Service Worker can manage a local cache of resources syncing back to the server when a connection is available. This is cool, but I want to talk about another use-case for Service Workers, using them to manage communications between multiple web pages.

Modifying responses in Service Worker requests

26 Jan 2016

Service Workers are an emerging JavaScript technology that allows you to run a background worker process for your app. One of the many use-cases they are designed for is to proxy web requests made by your app, so you can implement more intelligent handling of requests and resposnes (locally caching resources for example).

How to use Debian with i3 on a Chromebook

13 Jul 2015

Chromebooks are great. Cheap, Light, efficient, safe, easy. But a little limiting if you’re used to a full Linux environment. Thankfully, crouton makes it very easy to run full Debian on a chromebook with a lightweight window manager like i3.

How to Use Outlook Web Access in Google Chrome on Linux

27 Jan 2015

If, like me, you work at an organisation that uses MS Exchange for their internal email you’re probably familiar with the Outlook Web App (OWA), the web interface to your email account. Users of Chrome on Linux will probably be aware that OWA doesn’t support that browser/device combination and are forced to use the crappy “light version” of Outlook.

Google Analytics Reports in Google Sheets

21 Mar 2014

The new Add-ons in Google Sheets allow you to do all sorts of exciting things with spreadsheet data. My favourite (for now) is the Gogole Analytics Add-on, which makes it incredibly easy to pull analytics report data in to a spreadsheet using the Google Analytics API.

Missing Blobs in Git

11 Jan 2014

I’ve just had to fix a missing blob in a repo. Here’s how I did it.

API Keys with Git Stash

21 Nov 2013

Working with API keys in git repositories can be a pain. You need the keys to test your project, but you don’t want to publish them to the world. This gets even more confusing when you have multiple versions of the keys that you are working with. The stash command in git is a great tool for solving this problem.

JavaScript - How to Iterate Arrays Correctly

15 Oct 2013

There are several different ways to iterate over Arrays in JavaScript. Each of these can behave differently when there are undefined values. Here, I demonstrate each and explain their behaviour.